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Web Scraping With Impressionist: Truly Impressive!

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Web Scraping With Impressionist: Truly Impressive!

Have you ever felt that the data extraction tool you are using is not good enough? There is always room for improvement! And that is exactly what Plato Solutions is offering with its new tool: Impressionist. What is this solution and why is it a tool like no other?

Keep reading to find out.


What Is Impressionist?

Impressionist is a JavaScript Library for data extracting or scraping from the web. How did this new tool come to life?

After testing different web scrapers available out there, Plato's developers felt the need to create a tool that would fit their needs and make the job exponentially easier —focusing more on the data instead of dealing with configurations, validations, and error handling. It took almost a year to create this masterpiece, and now that it is ready, they want to share it with the world.

Advantages of Using Impressionist

A Data Scraping Tool Like No Other

  • 70% less of code lines – Its syntax is ergonomic and elegant. It means that you need to write fewer lines of code to do the scraping and that code is predictable in usage. For example, creating a scraper with other tools may require 55 lines of code. Doing the same work using Impressionist would reduce that code to only 13 lines. How is that possible?
    Impressionist has predefined settings, allowing you to concentrate on the real work: scraping. That means that you do not need to complicate with configurations of the browser and pages.
  • Save up to 70% of the time – Creating and configuring a scraper for a webpage with another tool may take up to 4 hours. With Impressionist, you can do it in about 40 minutes. Impressive, isn't it? You will save much of the time spent correcting errors manually because Impressionist has pre-built handling for most issues.
  • Reduce debugging headache – Sure you know how frustrating debugging can be. To assist you with the error-handling process, Impressionist provides an entire log file to track the whole flow of the scraper. The log file contains the debugging data that every developer will understand because it's pretty similar to the standard debugging session. The log contains the flow of the Impressionist architecture being executed in a consecutive way, making it easier to know where it was broken.
  • Easy to master – It is no use having a powerful tool if you do not know how to use it. For that reason, Impressionist has detailed documentation available with several examples and all the information you need to master this tool.


Impressionist is a time-saving and user-friendly tool for extracting data from the web. So, you will not only save time but also headaches. What are you waiting to use it? Take a look at Impressionist's documentation and give us your opinion below.