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Join our team of rockstars that will make your daily life feel like a festival.

Company’s manifesto

Plato grants the tools and mentoring people need to be the best individuals and professionals because the two are an inseparable whole.

We only take on board the best in the world. We do our favorite work while with our favorite people next to us. We all speak our truth openly and respectfully. We are connected. We extend the boundaries of the existing knowledge by staying curious. We are natural explorers, disrupting our professional areas. We work in alignment with the other explorers on the team, providing context and freedom.

Plato is democratizing complex digital landscapes into accessible and universally beneficial products that literally make the world a better place.

Our culture

Plato is built entirely around its employees because they are our most precious asset. We mean it. Plato’s motley rows of people have a common denominator - everyone’s an inspiring professional, and individual. With us you can enjoy freedom, acceptance, support, and unceasing learning. Oh, and last but not least - interesting problems to solve.

Our core values

Speaking your thoughts, finding room for radical ideas, and respecting our mutual individuality is a subtle form of courage. We believe creating space to innovate, grow, and fail is paramount.

Learning is how we quench our thirst for knowledge, and curiosity propels us forward. Solutions are a final bolt of excitement, but it’s our journey of understanding and discovery that enthralls us.

Transparency is a virtue giving the gift of open communication, a common work sheet, straight talks, lively discussions, mind bending brainstorm sessions, and most importantly — real connections.

Perks & Benefits

  1. Work from anywhere
  2. 0% bureaucracy
  3. Diversity (25+ countries)
  4. Autonomy & Ownership
  5. Get your learn on
  6. Speak your mind
  7. Opportunities to grow
  8. Meaningful Work
  9. Be yourself
  10. Company ownership (stock)

Open Roles

  • Content Strategist & Copy Edit...

    Remote Part-Time

  • Outreach Specialist

    Remote Part-Time

  • Senior Magento Architect

    Remote Full-Time